four day weekend.

four day weekend.

So the countdown started 3 weeks before long Easter weekend was about to arrive. My husband and I flicked through several package deal holidays as we weren’t sure where to go (we didn’t want to go long haul). After hours of discussion (and procrastination) we decided to go within the UK and Southampton was the lucky choice. I’ve hardly been to places around the U.K. let alone British sea sides so I was looking quite forward to it, however with the weather hardly warming up, I was afraid what to expect.

But it turned to be a spectacular and sunny weekend! We even spent a day in Bournemouth! Southampton is a modern and vibrant city to visit, with much to do, see and learn.

5 facts about Southampton:

1. Southampton is the largest city in the county of Hampshire.
2. Jane Austen lived in Southampton until she’d earned enough money to leave. The title of her first published work Sense & Sensibility describes her decision to leave.
3. Did you know that Southampton was the first town in Britain to sample fish fingers in 1955.
4.The Titanic pulled away from White Star Dock in Southampton at the start of her maiden voyage on 10th April 1912.
5. Southampton`s first dock was opened in 1843. During the next seventy years, the town`s docks grew rapidly to cover a large area, now known as the Eastern Docks.

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