fellas, this one’s for you.

fellas, this one's for you.

1. Coloured chinos.
It’s practically impossible to go wrong in a pair of chinos this summer, and now it’s the coloured chino men need to be seen in. Coloured trousers were seen at all the hottest designer fashion shows this year and the look has filtered down to the high street too. From Topman to Asos, to Next and H&M. Go for a casual look and team them with a simple tee and boat shoes or smarten up with a pair of brogues and button up shirt. Turn up the bottoms for a more casual look. Have a look here for a variety of colours.

2. Boat shoes a.k.a espadrilles.
Like a flip-flop but much better in that no one has to see your feet, the espadrille is worth getting on board with. These slip-on shoes are perfect footwear for walking on the beach and for a night out in town. Light, comfortable and stylish, these shoes come in plain, suede, stripes and leather. Check out these stylish blue pair here.

3. Printed shorts.
There hasn’t been any major variation within men’s shorts for a few years now, which makes this particular trend very intriguing and a nice break from the norm. From checks, to pin stripes and camouflage, these are just a few of the patterns I have seen. Have a look at these striped shorts here.

4. Bright strapped watches.
Keep your wrist on trend this summer with a coloured watch. For a fun, bold statement watch, I love this lemon yellow design from Lacoste. And if yellow isn’t for you, there are tonnes of colours to choose from. Just click here.

5. Square sunnies.
Since the 1950s, the classic square look has been almost a ‘geeky’ type of look and style. Nevertheless, over the last couple of years, it has been embraced as THE style which many are considering ultra-chic and ultra-cool…come on…you know what I’m talking about. Get your own retro wayfarer ray bans right here.

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