feud, noir or blanc?

feud, noir or blanc?

“…black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute.”
Coco Chanel

Although summer is always about bright colours, this season black and white reign the runways. But which colour will you dare to rock? No, I don’t mean the monochrome look (black and white together) I mean which one would you wear: an all-white or all-black ensemble?

Let’s see which colour wins the fashion war.

black in your life.

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 19.25.10

Black is the absence of all colours. It is a mysterious colour associated with fear and the unknown (black holes). Black denotes strength and authority; it is considered to be a very formal, elegant, and prestigious colour (black tie, black Mercedes). I personally am loving the black trend especially leather jackets, glossy black leather offers a sleek take on florally spring. Honestly, I am a total sucker for all black, especially on date nights, quickly put on a black blouse with black peg trousers and throw on a leather jacket and I’m good to go. Until…my husband started pointing out I wear too much black so now I add a colour here and there. It’s just that black is such an easy colour and a safe colour and sooo easy to wear that it won’t even take me long to get ready. Sheer black dresses to elegant flowy maxi skirts to giant bug eyed sunglasses, black is back this season. All items in the collage are from h&m.

Top tip: Sometimes wearing all black can look a bit gothic, so make sure you add a pop of colour to it like a neon accessory or a colourful statement necklace.

precisely white.

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 20.25.56

White projects purity, cleanliness, and neutrality. For all of its innocence, white has proven to be a powerful look, with so many celebrities dressed in white head to toe. It is a chic and sophisticated colour with a clean bold look and this season you will certainly be the one to stand out and make a statement in this colour. Thanks to the high street there are many gorgeous white fashion items which are an absolute must have. Gorgeous white dresses to chic white shoes and bags, white is also a must have wardrobe staple for this season and these white fashion items will keep you looking super stylish all season. From clockwise: Guess wedges, (pearl earrings, white belt, blouse, tshirt, jeans and bag all h&m), white satchel by ‘the Cambridge Satchel company’ and watch by Michael Kors.

But the question is, do you dare wear all white or all black this summer? And which colour wins the fashion feud?

and the winner is….(drum roll please)

White!! You gotta love the elegance and chicness of an all white ensemble, fingers crossed I can try and rock this look and I’ll post it up (soon).

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