[feature post] fragrance is fashion.

feature post. fragrance is fashion.

Fragrance is Fashion
by Zohra Moledina.

Provenance in perfumery is fashionable right now and scents allow a flash of individuality without saying very much. A scent of ownership if you like… My humble collection says a lot about me and my mood often depicts which aroma I’ll choose to show off every morning. The cotton candyness of Just Pink by Next tells an innocent story whereas the redolence of Touch of Pink by Lacoste screams sophistication and confidence. Feeling promiscuous? Then a few sprays of Roberto Cavalli’s Eau de Parfum allow me to Indulge in wild and luxurious sensuality that never lets me go unnoticed. Summer heat is no place for lightweight florals and as temperatures rise, scents get serious with Eastern inspired accords that combine woods, sultry blooms, resins and exotic spices of course.

Check out some of my favourites below:

1. Carven Le Parfum – A feminine fragrance that captures ‘timeless elegance’ through a central note of sweet pea preceded by mandarin blossom and white hyacinth.

2. Roberto Cavalli Eau De Parfum – A colourful temperament that captivates a wink of pink pepper with a hidden glimpse of opulent orange flower.

3. Givenchy Gentlemen Only – Still very much dominated by intense woody heart notes but spiced up with flavours with birch leaves and nutmeg.

Whether your after a perfume that’s budget or bespoke, follow these top tips to help sort out the scents:

Time is of the essence
Take your time, if you are unsure about a smell spray it on your wrist (not in a swatch card) the warmth of your veins will really open the scent. Avoid rubbing it in, you’ll crush the molecules and prevent the perfume from developing the way it should.

Open your mind
Usually, a fragrance will fall beneath one of five broad categories; green, floral, woody and oriental. More of than not, a culmination of these are used to create the final product. Ask for samples, take them home to see what really tickles your fancy.

Be in the KNOW
The cost of a fragrance will be in proportion to its potency with parfum the most expensive and long lasting. This is because is contains between 25-30% scent and the rest is made up of alcohol or distilled water. Eau de Parfum comes next with its concentration around 20-25%, followed by Eau deToilette at 15% and finally Cologne at 12-15%.

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