fresh as mint.

fresh as mint.

Fresh as mint.

Have you noticed the colour mint around every corner this spring? I adore this colour palette this spring/summer. It is a soft, delicate colour and has a bit of playfulness about it that makes a great addition for a breezy spring day. This season, you can find mint colours in almost every style of clothing; tops, dresses, trousers, and blazers and also accessories. Accessories are a very simple way to add style to an outfit, so if you ever feel like your outfit is too plain or simple, just add a mint handbag or necklace, and you’ll simply spice up your look, check out this Mulberry cuff here and this necklace here.

the do’s for wearing mint:
1. Get a pair of mint trousers! I got mine from here. Pair these with a white top and navy blazer, or a striped top and a beige/mocha jacket and you’ll look absolutely fabulous!
2. I like wearing a touch of leopard print when wearing mint. You’ll be surprised how GOOD it actually looks! I mean just try wearing a leopard print hijab or a leopard print bag with your outfit and check yourself out in the mirror.
3. Mint goes really well with neon yellow! (Remember my post of my 5 fav summer outfits-in your face neon bright) it DOES look gorgeous! Honest.

Got mint?
If mint grows in your garden I’m guessing it’s going wild at this time of the year (they tend to grow quickly in spring). Here are a few things you can whip up:
1. A virgin mojito.
2. Dry some leaves in the oven and then make mint tea.
3. Make some mint choco truffles.
4. Add it to salads.
5. Fry some mint and veggie spring rolls.

Blazer from h&m and dress from here.

I hope you enjoy this trend as much as I do, I just can’t get enough!

One thought on “fresh as mint.

  1. I looove your blog!! All your posts are so inspiring!! I can’t wait to go shopping for some mint trousers now ! xx

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