fashion sets collection [MAC 2013].

fashion sets collection [MAC 2013].

There’s no denying it – I am a massive MAC lipstick fan. With an already extensive Mac lipstick collection, MAC is the one brand I continuously gravitate towards when I want a new lipstick! The MAC fashion Sets (released a couple weeks ago) features four “sets” of bright colours, each set features an eye shadow, lipstick, lip pencil, lipglass and nail lacquer. These bold and beautiful bright shades pop with a vivid edge and modern vibe.
The four sets are named:

Heroine (deep purple)
Ablaze (bright coral/red)
Silly (bright pink)
Embrace Me (bright fuchsia)

The Fashion Sets collection has a wonderful concept behind it. Each colour has a matching lipstick (all are matte shades), lip pencil, eye-shadow and nail polish. All exactly the same shade! The theory behind the collection is getting products which match, for example, we all have a favourite lipstick, but do you have a lip liner that matches it perfectly? Probably not. So the Fashion Sets collection aims to give you a set of matching products!

I recently bought ‘silly’ lip pencil and the lipstick in ‘embrace me’, both which look great on (yes my obsession with pink still continues). I don’t wear the combination together but I am loving the fuchsia flash of Embrace Me! if you want to see any swatches, please do email me!

What do you think to the Fashion Sets collection? Have you picked up any of these shades yet? What’s your favourite shade? Let me know!

One thought on “fashion sets collection [MAC 2013].

  1. I’m curious about heroine – I’ve never been one to try purple lipstick. As to the whole set concept, I like the idea but I’d never intentionally match my nail color to my lipstick color simply because I like to vary up my lipsticks but wouldn’t change my nail polish color everyday. Also, I don’t know if I’d ever want my eyeshadow and lipstick to be exactly the same color, I quite like combining differently colors!

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