flashy fluorescents.

flashy fluorescents.

Forget about pastels, this season when aiming for colour its all about neons!
Neon colours was once a staple of the nineties are back and brighter as ever.

From jeans and t-shirts to blazers and shoes, fluorescent hues drench almost every summer item found in stores today. From yellow, oranges, greens and pinks.

Flirt with fluorescents:

1. If you’re not sure about these vibrant colours, you can add just subtle hints of them to your wardrobe. Get a bright necklace, clutch, belt or a pair of ballet pumps can add an instant pop of colour. Accessories from: coral cuff, neon clutch, MK bag, scarf, yellow neon necklace and neon stretch bracelets.

2. Beauty products, such as a coral lipstick or a sunshine shade of yellow nail polish are another way to flirt with fluorescents. My favourite lipstick is ‘embrace me’ by MAC, get yours from here.

3. If you want to go big and bright, wear neon pieces with neutral items e.g. a neon blazer with a white t-shirt with a pair of jeans. Get this pink blazer from here.

4. Pair these eye catching neon colours with neutrals like grey, white black or nude for a more sophisticated look. These sandals will look great with white jeans.

5. Remember you need to stick to one neon item you don’t need to be the brightest gal in the room.

6. There is no age limit for wearing neons!

my favourite neon items:

1. Neon Aztec hijab by hijabdeva.com

2. ‘Candy Yum Yum’ by MAC

3. Scarf from h&m from my beautiful friend Riley!!

4. and I am looking forward to buying this. 

are you flirting with neons this season? post comments and let me know!


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