forthcoming of ramadan.

fortitude of fasting.

hello all and ramadhan mubaruk! I do apologise for the lack of posts the last couple of weeks, summer term is not exactly ‘winding down’ time. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to put aside (marking, levelling and data analysis) and sit down and write. Oh, what a wonderful day to start with Ramadhan starting this week.

I was flicking through tumblr. (as one does) and came across this quote:
“I love Ramadan because that kid who never prays, prays. That girl who never covers, covers. That guy who never fasts, fasts. Even if its just for a month, at least these ‘types’ of people tasted the ‘sweetness of faith’ just for one month. And perhaps months later down in life, if their life ever becomes bitter — they’ll refer back to Ramadan and yearn for that same ‘sweetness’ they sampled just that one month. You call them “Only Ramadan Muslims” but I call them “Muslims who may Only need Ramadan to change.”

I am not sure who wrote it but it sure does put a smile on my face, especially the last line ‘muslims who many only need Ramadan to change’. I think that summarises Ramadan, a time to change for the better and keep that change for the entire year.

There have been several requests to blog what I eat in Ramadan etc.. but to be honest I do not have an actual food plan (maybe I should?) But I do want to share what I want to do this year.

1. I definitely want to eat more fruit and veg and less fried food. Okay only ONE samosa…No, how about two? Am I pushing my luck?

2. I need to keep myself hydrated by drinking lots of water at Iftar especially as it’s heating up in London.

3. I want to contemplate more over the translation of the Quran, I began this last year and I really learned a lot.

4. Lastly, I want to be more charitable. It doesn’t necessarily mean give to those who are less fortunate (which I do want to do too) but just plain giving during the month, whether it be with food or time.

Overall, I want to wish my readers a blessed Ramadan. May this holy month teach us to find the positive in a negative situation. To appreciate the good and bad things that happen in life, because God is the best if planners. Let us be grateful for things today as we don’t know if we will get to appreciate them tomorrow.

Whether you’re Muslim or not let us use this blessed month as the best opportunitiy to better ourselves, to respect ourselves, to respect & love our parents, to give thanks for all the little blessings and be charitable when we can.


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