french it up!

french it up!

Stripes, stripes, stripes – they’re everywhere! Stripes are a super trend for this season and while all sizes are going to be popular, jumbo stripes are expected to be the biggest hit (which kinds remind me of the French flag (hence the name French it up!)) Fortunately, stripes are an easy style to wear for most, and this is most certainly a fashion statement for this summer that a great percentage of people will feel comfortable with. Scarves, t-shirts, skirts, and maxi dresses will all feature these big, bold stripes.

So, go ahead and add a little stripes to your wardrobe this summer. Here are five fun and flattering ways to wear stripes.

1. Accessorize With Stripes
Add a graphic punch to your outfit by choosing accessories with stripes. A scarf, handbag or belt is a great way to sport the striped trend, especially if you’re not quite ready to embrace a striped top or dress. A belt with stripes gives any outfit a preppy feel, especially when paired with white jeans. A large clutch or tote with blue and white or red and white stripes takes on a nautical vibe and says “summer” with style, even when you’re not at the beach. Striped clutch from here and sunglasses from here. As I’m about to jet off in a couple of weeks, I plan to get this striped turban and rock it with my burkhini, get turban from here.
You can even sport stripes on your feet! Check out these canvas shoes from Zara, there’s plenty of variety in high street shops from fabric espadrilles, loafers, or ballet flats with stripe designs that range from subtle to bold.

2. Go Long and Lean With Vertical Stripes
Long, skinny stripes can help elongate your figure. A striped blouse looks great paired with a maxi skirt or jeans. Choose vertical stripes in a traditional blue-and-white or red-and-white colour palette like this blouse from asos. Jeans or skirts with vertical stripes are a very flattering look, especially paired with a solid coloured blouse or T-shirt. The stripes on the bottom help to elongate the lower half of the body and make you appear longer! Amazing, no? Get your jeans from here.

3. Pick a Boldly Striped Dress
A striped dress adds a bit of fun to your wardrobe. You’ll find designs that range from casual and relaxed, to sophisticated and formal. To maximize fashion mileage, look for a sleeveless striped dress that’s perfect for a warm afternoon; then top it off with a cardigan or blazer. Get this super cute striped dress from Topshop.

4. Go Très Chic with a Striped T-shirt
What could possibly be more gorgeous than a navy and white striped, boat-neck T-shirt? This versatile top also looks great with jeans or a maxi skirt.  Pair your striped tee with something bold or pastel below the waist. I pair my striped tee with my yellow maxi skirt! It looks super cute!

5. Try colour-blocked Stripes
This spring, one of the hottest striped looks is a variation of not just two colours, but three or more. On the high street, you’re likely to find tops with blue-and-white stripes on the arms and pink-and-blue stripes on the torso, helping to create shape and add interest to the body. Don’t be afraid to try an interesting-looking top or dress on just to see how these designs can create the illusion of a smaller waist or narrower hips.

No matter what your figure type or fashion style, add a few stripes to your wardrobe this season!
Lots of love

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