fall/autumn trends.

fall/autumn trends.

With NY fashion week over and London Fashion Week in full swing this week, I am feeling in the fashion-ista mood, so here are my favourite fall trends for this season.

The sunnies have officially been put away, coats, gillets and boots have all come out to play!

Check please.
Check, plaid, tartan – call it whatever you please, just make sure you invest in it this season. This cute dress is from Forever21 but is currently sold old but there is still a huge range to choose from online.

Leather and studs.
I am still in love with my leather jacket which I bought earlier this year (and has been restocked in H&M) and I am so glad that leather jackets/leggings/sleeves will be here to stay this autumn, I’m loving these boots from forever 21 (they’re flat for work too, perfect for all the running around). I am not a huge fan of studs but I do love these heart ones on these shoes.

Oversized outer wear.
Who says fashion can’t be cosy? In autumn, most of your wardrobe will be covered by your coat, so why not make it a statement? I’m loving this coat from H&M and the leather sleeves are bonus points too! Don’t be afraid to experiment with various colours, lengths and textures.

Pink is the new black.
Autumn is borrowing one of summer’s favourite shades but darkening it up a bit into two variations- dusty rose or berry- so embrace it! For me, I’m loving the more red hues of maroon and burgundy and adore this scarf from emerald collection, get yours now from here.

Pick up an emerald green piece.
I absolutely adore this colour trend this autumn. You cannot ignore how cute emerald green can look when paired with other jewel tones such as garnet, amethyst and sapphire (or even just plain black and white). I love these trousers I got from H&M but here is a similar pair from here.

What’s your favourite Autumn trend?


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