flawless nudes.

flawless nudes.


flawless nudes.

a.k.a. dusty pinks

Who says you can’t wear pink in the Winter? This soft, earthy pink, the colour of ballet slippers, is the perfect colour to add some warmth this winter.

This is one of the trends I’m loving the most as I’m a girly girl at heart, so anything pink gets me excited! And dusty pink is sooo beautiful. It’s not too in your face and reminds me of a fairy tale for some reason! I think it looks lovely in lots of different textures, and it’s an easy colour to work with.

Before you pop out and buy something pink. Here are a few tips:

1. Do pair with navy or burgundy for a more sophisticated look.
2. Do not dress all in pink!
3. If you’re a fan of silk and satin blouses, make sure it doesn’t look to pj-ish.
4. Do pair nudes/dusty pink with a smoky eye using this BB palette.
5. Do pair a solid colour top if you’re wearing nude bottoms.

So make sure you stay on trend this season and add a few of these pink pieces to your autumn/winter wardrobe. Also, this is the best time to wear something pink, with breast cancer awareness month this October.

So here’s my dusty pink wish list… so far! I’m sure I’ll be adding to it.
1. Gorgeous chiffon dress from here.
2. Ballet pumps from here.
3. Blush batwing cardigan from here.
4. Dusty pink jeans from here.
5. Watch is from John Lewis
6. And I need to get a pair of these.

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