fantasiá, felicidad y fresco.

fantasia, felicidad y fresco.

fantasy, happiness and fresh/cool.

i remember this time last year i did a post about my easter break to Southampton and i thought to keep the ‘tradition’, i would do the same for Barcelona.

the trip was so last minute! and because it was so spontaneous, it made it even more exciting to look forward to. no time to plan outfits per day and night, just pack, pack, pack! i did try my best, to pack all matching headscarves and accessories and of course shoes (eeek)

the reason i called this post ‘fantasia, felicidad y fresco’ (yes they all begin with f) but fantasia=fantasy, as cliché as it sounds, it always been my dream to go Barcelona, mainly because i did Spanish AS level and my oral was to ‘sell’ why people should visit Barcelona and the more I researched about this gorgeous place the more i fell in love with it, even the examiner could see that, acing my oral with an A. (okay… enough bragging)

felicidad=happiness, ahhhh, holidays in general just make me happy and the fact that Barcelona had city AND a beach, makes me so happy!

fresco=fresh/cool, having 2 weeks off at Easter, makes it easy to catch up on errands and friends (not particularly in that order) but going to another city during my time off, is a breath of fresh air!

i won’t babble on too much about my trip. here are a few photos of what i wore (hurray!) many have you have requested to see these and just a few snaps of places we went. so hope you enjoy 🙂 (p.s. none of these pictures have been filtered!




pictures taken from the top of tibidabo, they even had a theme park too!


IMG_4762 PENTAX Image

a couple of well known streets in Barca.

IMG_5056 IMG_4793


spain is famous for their tapas (small savoury dishes), ‘tapa tapa’ was one of our favourite tapas places. that sea bass just melted in my mouth and every night isn’t complete without some delicacies by the habour.



IMG_5047 IMG_4904 IMG_4970

a few snaps of some of the views in Barca, the magic fountain at night, okay so it’s not as glamorous as Dubai, but the atmosphere was exhilarating. this yacht was one of many just lounging on the Mediterranean sea and this yellow post box, what else can i say? it’s yellow! just plain gorgeous!


IMG_4928 IMG_4980 IMG_4620

my trip would not be complete without a bit of shopping, and the home town of zara was a must see! i also discovered  this store called ‘stradivarius’ and i’m in love! i bought these pair of patent ballerinas, so cute! my favourite holiday outfit, love the comfiness of these trousers and all the colours. oh and those are my sandals at the beach.


IMG_5089 IMG_4934

hello yellow! i had to include a picture of my bag looking oh so cosy on my chair. and my mini walk in closet at the hotel.


IMG_5079 IMG_4966 IMG_4925 IMG_4894 IMG_4775 IMG_4719

a few snaps of some of the outfits i wore.



a few locals watching the barca vs real madrid match!



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