fancy a cup of tea?

fancy a cup of tea?tea at Jumeirah Carlton Tower.

(I haven’t done a foodie post in a looooong time and this one will also put a smile on your face) 🙂 my mum is one of the greatest people in my life. I look forward to our endless chats after work, my sleepovers during school holidays and of course our shopping adventures. shopping – there is no one I enjoy shopping with more than my mother. she has impeccable taste and she’s always honest with me about what is flattering and what is not. to this day, I entrust my mum more than anyone else to help me choose dresses for important occasions and I’m never quite certain if something works until my mum gives her okay. my mum has been my best friend since I was little, growing up with two brothers, my mum had to fulfil her role as a sister and a madre, and even when I gave her grief during my teenage tantrum years; she still continued to love me unconditionally. my mum always gives generously, especially her time and puts herself last whether its being a mum to the three of us, teaching Arabic lessons to her students or putting in extra hours at the Dental surgery. its only now that I am older I can truly appreciate everything she has done for me. so for her birthday, I decided to book an afternoon tea. I searched high and low for the best afternoon in town and discovered Jumeirah Carlton. I had heard and read about the friendly staff and oh the halal sandwiches too-yay! IMG_5142 IMG_5114 IMG_5118

The theme for the afternoon tea was botanical gardens, inspired by the beautiful seasonal colours and local gardens. Here’s a breakdown of what we got:


Spinach bread with egg mayonnaise and baby watercress sandwiches

Chicken sandwiches

Smoked salmon, and lemon and chive cream cheese sandwiches

Cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches


Pistachio parfait

Light pistachio on top of a hazelnut praline crunchy base, decorated with white chocolate spheres

Upside down balsamic and black pepper strawberry tart ‘Menthe de Jardin’

Floral decorated dark chocolate tube filled with chocolate mousse, flavoured with garden mint

Almond and raspberry financier decorated with handmade white chocolate petals

IMG_5135 IMG_5128 IMG_5133

Fruit and plain scones, served with clotted cream and fruit preserve  Served with a freshly brewed pot of your choice of tea (or latte in mummy’s case)


Harpist playing in the entrance.


Happy birthday mama bear and thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me! always being on the receiving end, now it’s my turn to make you the happiest.


Love ya!  xoxo

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