flutter like a butterfly.

flutter like a butterfly.

that’s a wrap.

this summer, a sprinkle of oriental glam has got every girl looking comfy-cute. from floral printed styles to long flowing and open sleeve styles, this trend is the perfect way to add a little something to your wardrobe. the hippie trend is versatile because one may wear it to work (yes I do), the beach, or a night out! mix and match the kimono throw with dresses, throw it over a white tee and jeans, or rock it with a jumpsuit. remember to keep the accessories to a minimum, let the kimono be the pop to your outfit.

p.s. you get bonus points for wearing one with fringe!

My top 10:

1. the smart slouch

just because the kimono look is slouchy and leans more toward the casual, does not mean you cannot work it into your smart looks and even work wear. opting for a simple black kimono such as this one from inayah collection (or any muted block colour) allows you to create a sophisticated, classy look but without compromising on your comfort.

2. the beach cover up

we all love these! and this one from h&m, isn’t pricey either, so you won’t mind getting sand all over it.

3. the one that matches everything

yes this one is also black, and less batwing-ed as the other ones for those who are not sure they can rock this look yet.

4. the every day wear (comes in 3 colours)

oh h&m, it wouldn’t be a summer without you. these 3 cuties (mint, coral and black) are cropped and a quick way to add this trend to your summer clothes.

5. the one for date night

i absolutely love this one, it’s my favourite out of the bunch and yes it’s got fringe! this would look perfect over a black jumpsuit on a night out with the hubster.

6. the sequin one.

if you are rather taken with this look, it is definitely worth your while investing in a statement kimono, either in a bright colour or with intricate embellishment or fringing detail. a striking sequin kimono will be the piece de resistance to your evening looks, adding a touch of instant glamour with minimum effort.

7. the causal boho

the beauty of the kimono is that no matter what you team it with, it will instantly dress it up – making it the perfect go-to piece for your summer casuals. slip on this animal printed kimono over your basic black skinnies and a simple vest and you can master effortless cool, boho chic in seconds.

8. the daring one

i adore bright aztec prints and this one is the perfect look for someone who wants to make a statements. get yours from here. i am also loving this ‘abstracted’ one from my friend saira.

9. the colour pop

yes that had to be a hot pink one in my top 10 favourites. I love the detailing on the sleeves.

10. the sophisticated statement. 

nothing screams out glamorous than black velvet! Luh-ving this gorgeous kimono from dorothy perkins.

have you got any faves you want to share?  comment below








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